GWTI challenges disruptors and innovators.

Insight Maker, the latest generation of data management and user interface to be delivered by GWTInsight goes on general release later this month.

This brand new system is already supporting new applications.  Exciting early developments include the management of solar and battery power systems in the outback of Australia, cellular network mast and support system maintenance, risk management in pharmaceutical manufacturing and food processing and the development of real time office utilisation tools. 

The GWTI Insight Maker is a highly configurable data management and user interface system employing a range of technologies and user-friendly tools that allows clients to create new and disruptive products and services.

When combined with the GWTI Observer the Insight Maker provides a cost-effective way to manage and maintain disbursed built assets. Because Observer can gather data from multiple systems and at base equipment level comparisons across different building types is now possible.

Users can specify the bundle of risks or the key performance and critical system dimensions and set up warnings, alerts and triggers for action. Standards can be set, managed, benchmarked and regular insights provided in real time or overtime.  

Clients will be in a position to configure Insight Maker after only a short period of engagement and training making a versatile and cost effective management tool for any business looking to reduce the risk, cost or carbon emissions associated with commercial buildings.


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