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Our Technology.

Buildings provide critical environments for businesses to operate. When buildings do not operate well or fail, the result can be commercially damaging and in more extreme cases, lead to reputational damage, injury, loss of life and litigation.

GWT Insight products are targeted at firms engaged in reducing risks associated with buildings and improving building health, safety and efficiency. We primarily work with service firms, insurers and insurance brokers.

Our mission is to partner with our customers, helping them gain greater market share with a new generation of building related products, services, and ecosystems that take advantage of real-time insight and deep analytics of live building operation.

Our flagship product is Observer, a secure telematics black box that plugs into buildings and listens into the building operation. Observer can be customized and augmented with our other three products; Connect, Intelligence and ServiceBus.

These unique and innovative technologies, empower your data-scientists and actuaries to join the dots using real-time data from your customers’ buildings, enabling you to provide service in ways not previously imagined.

A real-time building telematics black box


An IoT firewall and intrusion prevention solution


A protected AI technology enabler


Secured real-time or batch data delivery

GWT Insight